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Welcome: Middle Ground Solutions

With the launching of this website, I am taking my services to a broader public.  I am also creating a vision of a more empowered and knowledgeable consumer – someone who knows the difference between using the courts to resolve conflict and using mediation to resolve conflict.

In highly emotional situations, it is difficult to make the best decisions for one’s family and one’s business.  Using lawyers and the courts to resolve conflicts often sidelines feelings, causing more volatility and more extreme emotions.  A trained, experienced mediator includes strong feelings in the decision-making process, but without letting them drive the process.

It is often said that when you go to court, even the winner loses.  It is more accurate to say that going to court ignores the broader aspects of people’s lives.  Courtrooms and lawyers have a short and narrow horizon — it stretches only as far as the next deadline, the next required action in the court’s scheduling order, or the next case on the docket.  People’s lives are simply bigger than the container imposed by the legal process.  Ignoring that fact can permanently sever important relations between family members and business associates.  I am hopeful that an empowered and knowledgeable consumer will make a better choice.