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Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation helps employees and management resolve serious issues that affect employees’ ability to work together or even their ability to remain in the same position.  In some workplaces, collective bargaining representatives have a seat at the mediation table and are needed to approve a final agreement.  Our experienced mediators have experience that makes a difference in these complex disputes.

In general, mediation costs a fraction of a litigated case, often as much as 75% less although amounts, as in litigation, vary greatly depending on the case.  Our standard hourly rate is $180 — this may include meeting in advance with the parties and attorneys as well as the mediation session itself.  By comparison, the financial and productivity costs of, for example, a wrongful discharge lawsuit are higher than most businesses wish to pay, so mediation is a cost-effective alternative.

We strive to keep fees for all services within our clients’ ability to pay while providing the highest quality of service.

We accept payment in the form of checks, cash and all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and Discover.