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In a complicated world, skilled facilitation makes group decision-making simpler and more effective.  A facilitator makes sure each group member is heard, ensures that all opinions are respected, keeps the group moving towards a collaborative decision and helps concretize goals, tasks, key persons and feedback loops. Unlike mediation, facilitation may or may not involve conflict.

“Because we first made our own confidentiality rules for the facilitation, I felt a lot safer saying what I wanted to say in the group.  Once I did that, other people also said what they really felt and that helped us work together for a strategic plan where everyone had input, a real change from last year’s non-facilitated retreat.”  – J.N. (non-profit board member)

Fees vary with the type and duration of the facilitation. Rates are often set as a single payment and are determined after a needs assessment.  In high conflict situations, facilitation can prevent legal action so it is often used before a costly conflict erupts.

We strive to keep fees for all services within our clients’ ability to pay while providing the highest quality of service.

We accept payment in the form of checks, cash and all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and Discover.