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Conflict Management Training

 Do your employees need help with learning how to work together?  In the workplace, administrative demands, work styles and differences of opinion can make it hard for people to continue to work together.  Conflict management training  (CMT) will teach your staff how to use their own and their co-workers’ negotiation styles to get better results at their desks and with customers.  Our trainings provide employees with skills they can use right away to make the office a better place to work.

“Sometimes we get so caught up in every day stuff that it’s hard to see when a co-worker is actually being nice.  (Learning about negotiation styles) helped me take a step back and really listen to what people are saying.” – S.S.

Fees for training vary with the goals for the training, the length of the program and the number of participants. As in facilitation, the rate is often a single payment and may include pre-training phone conferences, the actual training and follow up activities.

We strive to keep fees for all services within our clients’ ability to pay while providing the highest quality of service.

We accept payment in the form of checks, cash and all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and Discover.